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Configuration explains some config file basics, as well as tools provided by Benthos that make writing and managing them easier.

Configuration Testing explains how to write and execute unit tests for your configuration files.

Config Interpolation explains how to incorporate environment variables and dynamic values into your config files.

Processing Pipelines explains how processing threads are orchestrated within Benthos and how to fully utilise them.

Message Batching explains how multiple part messages and message batching works within Benthos.

Error Handling explains how you can handle errors from processors in order to recover or reroute the data.

Performance Tuning advises on ways of diagnosing and improving the performance of your Benthos pipelines.

Monitoring explains how to hook Benthos up to your choice of monitoring and tracing tools.

Streams Mode outlines a mode of running Benthos where multiple isolated stream pipelines can run in isolation within the same service and be managed using a REST API.

Workflows explains how Benthos can be configured to easily support complex processor flows using automatic DAG resolution.

Migration outlines migration guides for upgrading to a major version release of Benthos.

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